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"I am not going to repeat a lot of information that all of you already know about Eddie.  I wanted to give a different approach on the life I had with my late husband. Eddie was passionate, creative, intelligent, a fascinating entertainer, and a talented athlete.  To this day, I’m still his #1 fan when I watch videos of him. I’m grateful for technology today because I would not have the space or the correct data to summarize Eddie’s career. He gave his heart to this business and never failed to give his 200%.  When Eddie came home for a couple of days, his mind never rested. He worked on his promos day and night.  He would stand in front of a mirror and practice facials.  And one of my favorite things he would do is work on new wrestling moves with me.  Which ended up leading to other extracurricular activities that didn’t involve wrestling…wink wink! I was always eager to volunteer for those practice sessions!!!

Our life was tough. Eddie missed many days at home. Not being a part of the girls’ upbringing was something difficult that affected everyone in the family.  I felt at times I was married to a camcorder because that was the only way of involving Eddie with our daughter’s activities. Listening to him at 2 in the morning on a phone call about cancelled flights, driving 4-5 hours every night to the next show, and starving if there was no sign of food for hours.  I know in my heart I was a great wife, not perfect but learned to be quiet and just listen.  I kept a clean house, unlimited supply of food in the fridge, and made an effort to have our family time quiet and just us. Our favorite times as a family would be picking Eddie up from the airport.  His favorite moments that brought happiness to Eddie was having our daughters greet him.   They would patiently wait for Eddie to be seen then they would run and jump on him.  They brought him such joy and laughter.  We would head to rent movies, buy a nights worth of sushi, and hit Coldstone Creamery to pick our dessert for the night.  The best part was hiding in our apartment, pulling out all our blankets and pillows and camping out in our living room and being together.  Those were fantastic times that will always be in my heart. 

When I was at home raising the girls and Eddie would be traveling, he would call pissed off about hating the service at a restaurant, or the hotel being too noisy at night, or being tired from lack of sleep from driving all night.  I would think, “it can’t be that bad.  He gets to go visit places, sleep in a hotel away from the chaos of home, and have nice dinners every night while I am eating Mac ’n cheese with the kids.  What the hell!! I would be jealous of his life because I would have the monotonous routines of carpooling, disciplining the kids, and cleaning dog shit while hearing about Eddie’s nights.  I would always listen, be supportive and then hang up thinking I would love to have one of his nights out with other adults.

LMAO….The tables have turned…literally. I am living the life that I was jealous of before, and let me just say, the joke is on me. Don’t get me wrong, I love my position with the WWE.  I am blessed but there is not a day that goes by that I am not looking up at Eddie telling him to stop laughing at me.  I wish I could take back every thought I had when I thought Eddie was living the high life on the road.  Truth is, traveling long hours, restaurants are not home cooked meals, and cancelled flights suck.  PERIOD!

There isn’t a day that doesn’t go by that I am not looking up to heaven and saying, “Yes Eddie, I hear you laughing … Another joke is on me.” 

Eddie was a big kid!  We loved theme parks and dared each other to try the next fastest, depth defying coaster we could find. Disneyworld was our favorite place to play.  Another favorite spot for us to get away was the beach.  We loved water sports and Eddie was a great captain when we had our boat.  He loved to spend time with the girls. They loved to jet sky, swim, and hunt for dolphins.  Our girls were water babies. They are great swimmers and they loved to try new outings. Eddie loved how they were tomboys and followed him everywhere he went.  If Eddie was going to try a new ride, food, or play a game…there went the girls following closely behind. 

What do I miss most about Eddie?  His kisses, he was an amazing kisser. Very romantic and loved to send me flowers. I could always depend on a beautiful bouquet arranged with different shades of purple. My favorite color!!!   My most cherished times with Eddie were our date nights. He never failed to make me feel like a queen.  It wasn’t from a monetary opinion, but he made me feel like there was no one around except us.  He was sentimental, affectionate, and he always would remind me of how happy I made him. 

The most important thing that I will always remember about Eddie was his spiritual heart. He loved Jesus Christ and was a passionate believer. He had a heart of gold and loved with all of his heart. He showed me the way of becoming a believer and having faith. He always carried his Bible in his suitcase and read it all the time.  He had so much love to give.  His last four years with me and the girls, he focused on patience, love, and being a good listener.  I still wait for the night that Eddie will come to me and talk to me. There is a wonderful friend of mine in Phoenix named Susan. She was my front door neighbor and was there for me after Eddie died.  She had amazing spiritual gifts that touched the girls and mine heart.  She told me Eddie will talk to me when he is ready.  Right now, he has a lot to take care of.  I wait patiently every night for Eddie to sit next to me at night and see his smile. I have so much to talk about. He is missed every day!!! I miss his smile, laughter, touches, and talks.

 I love you Eddie! “

-Vickie Guerrero (from her website)

 This made me smile and then cry. 

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